A Charleston Elopement.

A good deal of the weddings we perform are elopements. An elopement is simply an intimate wedding with just the two of you. Perhaps the pressure of a large affair is too much. Too much money, attention, and stress can for some, spoil the moment. We recently married a couple at sunrise in downtown Charleston on The Battery. It was a beautiful spring morning in The Holy City. As the sun came up over Charleston Harbor a cruise ship was coming in, pelicans were skimming the water for breakfast, and the flowers around the park were in full bloom. It could not have been a more perfect setting for what was an intimate moment between two people.

We have married couples that were too shy to do it in front of a crowd of friends, too much in a hurry to wait for the grand affair. Whatever the reason, there are few ingredients we suggests.

Take the time to select a killer dress. This and a bouquet of flowers will make a bride feel special on her big day. No matter your age or size or shape, your new husband will forever remember the image of his bride on her wedding day. So, help him make it special. Men are visual creatures. Wow him without over doing it. Because you left all of your friends at home, they will demand photographs. Hire a photographer to capture the moment.

We have married people who would like to invite all their friends, but didn’t want to leave one out and invite the other. We have married couples that are just naturally rebellious and just want to get it done. We can assure you that more often than not, the sweetest ceremonies we witness are elopements. It is a chance to have a window to look into a relationship between two people so intense I feel invisible to them.

So get a South Carolina marriage license, a dress, and some flowers. Pick a date, book a room, and call us to officiate.

Two Guys and a Wedding, 843-513-2829


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