Vow Renewal in Charleston SC

Vow renewal ceremonies are a great way to reaffirm the promises you made to the one you love and Charleston sets the scene better than any place on the east coast.

We at Two Guys and a Wedding, have officiated many renewals. The most popular one is where the husband plans an anniversary trip to Charleston and surprises his bride with a ceremony. It usually starts out with a planned meeting in one of our many parks and ends up with a happy wife. Recently, a husband talked his wife into a nice lunch in the historic district. Before lunch they were to go to The Battery, a popular strolling place with beautiful views of Charleston Harbor from a grove of sprawling live oak trees. I brought along a photographer to record me greeting the bride with a bouquet of flowers and explaining why we were all there. The look on her face and the tear in her eye said it all.

On another occasion, a family was having their annual week at the beach. The week happened to line up with the parents 50th wedding anniversary. So the kids and grand kids arranged a vow renewal on the beach. As the grandparents came over the sand dune, the youngest granddaughter greeted her grandmother with a bouquet. It was a sweet moment in the life of an officiant to be a part of something so special. The fact that is was a surprise made all the better.

A vow renewal is a great way to have a fresh start in a marriage or one of many of life’s challenges have lead you to the moment. My own brother was in the midst of challenging health problems. His wife had been by his side through it all and out of gratitude to her, we set it up. It was a great time for everyone in the family to get together and celebrate 38 years of marriage. So whatever the reason, and there doesn’t have to be one, a vow renewal in Charleston can be a very special time in any marriage.


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